Diagnose the talents and potential of your employees.

If you are looking for a solutions that will help you make decisions based on reliable data, our Platform is for you.

Our solutions

Our questionnaires, tests, and surveys will help diagnose the talents and competencies of your employees. With our solutions, you will make data-driven development decisions. Our appraisal system is the best solution on the market.

A 360-degree assessment significantly enhances the traditional competency evaluation process

Every employee can contribute to the growth of your company if you properly manage his/her development. Your organization will achieve above-average results only when employees know in which direction they are to develop their competencies. For this, you will need reliable feedback. With advanced technology, you will quickly and efficiently run a competency assessment.

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Breakthrough in recruitment and selection

Recruit the best-fit employees. Ostendi Talent Hunter is a simple, valid and reliable personality traits questionnaire. With this tool, you will find out how an employee or candidate is fitted to the position and culture of your organization.

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Your company is made up of people

An organizational culture based on engagement is one that listens to the needs of employees. Hence the importance of asking employees periodically for their opinion on issues important for your company.

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A simple way to test the knowledge of employees and candidates

Test the knowledge of your current and future employees with automated Knowledge Tests.

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Each of us has a talent
Each of us has a different one

Diagnose the potential and talents of employees as regards their adaptability, analytical skills, numerical skills, and learning skills (working memory). Knowledge of the cognitive functioning of candidates or employees will provide information on how quickly he/she will adjust to the requirements of the position.

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  • The Ostendi Platform is distinguished by a simple and intuitive dashboard that allows for easy and trouble-free operation of the system. Reasonable prices, substantive support and the ability to adapt to the customer's needs are the advantages that made all our expectations fully met.
    Aleksandra Łozowska
    PGO SA
  • What distinguishes Ostendi from other companies is a professional approach and their ability to adapt to customer needs. The cooperation with Ostendi was excellent.
    Joanna Chrobak
  • Quick response, flexibility and great support are the features that make Ostendi company worth recommending. They have excellent psychometric tools and a modern and intuitive system.
    Izabela Pawlak