Ostendi Learning Agility Tests

The adaptability, the ability to learn, analyze and synthesize are key skills that determine how quickly we adapt to a changing environment.

Why use Ostendi Learning Agility Tests?

Ostendi Learning Agility Tests is a battery of cognitive tests that tests skills that are independent of education and experience. With this, you can be sure that you test the candidate's potential in the areas that are important to your organization, which will then translate into the speed of the adoption to the new environment.

Measurement of key business skills

Ostendi Learning Agility Tests is a battery of cognitive tests that check the key potential for a modern, full of change business. With our tests, you will receive, among others information on a pace of learning and adapting your candidate's to changes.

Reliable information about the candidate

Our tests are based on the highest methodological standards and the latest scientific reports. With this, you will get reliable information about a candidate's potential, which is independent of experience. Consequently, you will learn how quickly your candidate will be able to adapt to the new environment.

Clear report

Based on the test, you will get an unambiguous report that will clearly indicate which skills are consistent with the average population results and which are below or above the population mean. Additionally, you will also receive instructions on what actions should be taken to develop specific skills.

GDPR compliance

We are aware of how important it is that the recruitment process is run by applicable law. Therefore, on the Ostendi Platform, you can define the necessary clauses and consents that will be displayed to the candidate immediately after the assessment is completed.

See how we present the results of Learning Agility Tests

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Potential independent of experience
Learning Agility Tests is a set of four carefully selected tests to check the abilities of:

  • adaptability (executive function/planning),
  • analytical skills,
  • numerical skills and
  • ability to learn (working memory).

Each of these tests is an independent unit. Performing each task is preceded by a trial task to prepare the subject for the appropriate test situation. The tests are designed to minimize the impact of education and experience. As a result, after the entire test, you get a result on the candidate's potential in the areas examined. When deciding on the choice of these tests, we were guided by the observations of the modern business environment, which, apart from experience, requires employees to be ready to change and quickly learn new skills constantly. Therefore, with the VUCA world in mind, the battery of our tests includes tasks that answer, among others to the questions to what extent the examined person is open to change and how quickly acquires new skills and can translate them into everyday functioning.

Learning Agility Tests can be used in various areas: recruitment, AC/DC, career coaching, succession planning.

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